provide a range of professional services, each tailored to your exact requirements and budget. There is no limit to the services that we are able to provide, we have been around for a long time and during that time have gained a extensive knowledge of the types of services that are commonly associated with Film, T.V and Events. We have and always will come up with the solution to the problem! If its 20,000L of hot water on a cold day, a fire crew to protect a National Trust property or an advisor to get your event passed safe for public attendance, we already have the answers and experience to get the job done!

Some of the many services we can provide include! 

  • Fire safety crews for Film and T.V fire cover
  • Event Fire Safety (anything up to full 24/7 cover)
  • Fire Service Action vehicles
  • 4x4 Fire Appliances
  • Male and Female professional firefighters
  • 10,000L Water tankers (for wetdowns, SFX rain hot or cold and drinking water)
  • Fire service equipment (Rescue, ladders, breathing apparatus, pumps)
  • Fire service technical advisors (for scene choreography or script advice)
  • Risk assessments (Location, site, commercial or residential)
  • Flood pumping
  • NEEBOSH, IOSH safety advisors
  • PAT Testing
  • Stunt/Race rescue cover using the latest Weber Rescue equipment.
  • Fire extinguisher hire, sales, service and maintenance
  • Fire and Rescue costume hire (firefighter, USAR)

The list really is almost endless, if it falls into Fire and Rescue, Health and Safety or Special Effects support then we probably already have the answer to your problem. So no matter how silly or outrageously unimaginable it may seem, give us a call and let us come up with the solution!