The No1 choice for fire safety, water tankers and in vision requirements! are a private fire and rescue service with bases in London, Leeds and Liverpool. We specialise in Film, TV and Event safety as well as providing professional firefighters, appliances and equipment for in-vision requirements.

About us was initially set up by highly experienced special effects personnel, the aim was to cater for our exact needs during SFX sequences. The company has now evolved, and we provide bespoke Health and safety, Fire safety, Fire cover and Water tankers to Film's, TV productions and Events all over the UK.

Over the past 15 years our services and experience has gown and the company has gained a reputation for cost effectiveness, reliability and understanding, along with a professional standard that the competition simply cannot compete with. We employ experienced, qualified and highly motivated serving firefighters and safety advisers, who all have vast On Set or Event experience.

We have built up a fleet of ultra modern Fire appliances, Water tankers and Fire & Rescue equipment to provide a service that is second to none! our hands on approach and ability to find solutions to safety critical problems, has led to us being called in when others have failed! Our understanding and closeness to special effects has resulted in some of the most dramatic and explosive scenes in recent film and television history. are fully insured (£10million PL, EL & PI ) 100% professional and dedicated to getting our customers the results they expect on budget and on time.

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Full Members of the British Fire Services Association